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                The Consequences of Inaction

Research has shown that childhood grief and trauma that is unaddressed can lead to immediate and long-term social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Failure to support grieving children and teens can contribute to significant problems within a community, including issues associated with:

  • ​Academic performance in school and college

  • Truancy/Attendance Issues

  • Increased Dropout Rates

  • Illegal Behaviors

  • Treatment for mental health issues


                                Grief Statistics

   All of us will be touched by death in some form. But not all of us will grieve the same. 

  *1 in 20 children will experience the death of a parent, primary caregiver,

             or sibling before the age of 18.  

   In the tristate area alone, that will affect approximately 50,000 children and teens.

   While these statistics show the high rates of childhood bereavement, most grieving youth do not     know other peers their age who have had a parent or sibling die, so they feel very alone with their grief. 

*Statistics provided by Judi's House

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